{giggles and fits}


*18 beautiful kids that are related to me who constantly talk about their early Thanksgiving dinner and how they are going to consume it, {like mistaking their carrots for lil' smokies} and playing "Heart and Soul" like it was their life purpose. 
*Cups of hot cider {i think i am addicted until April 1st}
*Painting 200 fingernails and toenails bright colors like grey. :p
*Finding my great-great-aunt's unfinished quilt in the closet and having it match the EXACT same one that i just started working on. 
*The arrival of my new glasses, which means that i can take the correct exit next time. :)
Oh, and this video:


*Finals: Bleck.
*The lack of Thanksgiving celebration in the stores. {Seriously, they try their utmost to skip the one holiday that they can't twist into their secular mold.}
*people who run ask me if i am over thirty. {this one just made me sad. I'M TO YOUNG TO DIE!!}

Happy November....K'tch <3


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