12 Beauties and the 3 {medium sized} Beasts

The much awaited event had arrived!!! After months and months of impatiently waiting/planning/saving/and some cases of light drooling at the thought of it:

we were finally going to see
~Beauty and the BEAST~

But before we go any further, i must tell you what happened prior to the evening event.
to see more pics and a wonderful post about our adventures, go look at Lauren and Mika's blog!

Step 1: Get out of bed and face the day.
I did this with no hesitation, elated that the day had arrived, and it was helped by:
a. dark chocolate. {and you all wonder why my eyes are bugged all the time}
b. my Dad's addiction to listening to morning hymns on the highest notch the volume can go.
c. the sound of my Mum's exercise program working, thus the floor was shaking.
d. the smell of breakfast {yes, she is a SupperMommy}

Step 2: Get everything laid out and ready for the needed primping that would take place.
This took some time, but is all part of the fun~
a. iron Tai's so awesome/coolest shirt that we picked out together. :)
b. go through my Mum's jewelry for the cheap pearls that i love. :)
c. organize my bathroom drawers so that i could actually find what i needed.

Step 3: Primp
This is the probably the most irritating of my day. I want to invent a "push the button and the hair is perfect~ator." Someday.
a. i think the picture says enough about the process. yes.
ahem....moving on...
Step 4: Get the approval from my parentals that we look as smashing as we feel. :)
a. getting an attempted wolf whistle from Dad was pretty cute, and it made my day!
b. seeing my brother dressed in his best was pretty awesome {btw, i LOVE suspenders. true story}
c. take pics where we obviously did NOT communicate, so therefore one of us is looking glum while the other is grinning widely. this makes for a slightly awkward looking picture:

Step 5: Leave and meet up with the amazing peoples!!
SO much fun to see everyone in their duds. The girls were gorgeous and the guys looked pretty swell!
a. a little more primping {stray hairs, that sort of thing}
b. more pics! {kinda wish i had taken more...but at least we got some of the group!}
^^ The Coders! ^^
^^ The Cash Girls ^^

^^ The Weirdos...i mean US! ^^

^^ Coders + Hannah & Jo ^^

Step 6: LEAVE!!
This had some hiccups.
a. get into the cars.
b. get out of cars because one car is dead.
c. climb into different cars and log in address.
d. successfully drive down the driveway.

Step 7: Park and run
While GPS's are mostly reliable, drivers who have never used one are not. ;)
a. drive around in circles until one car gets lost trying to follow.
b. end up in the same parking lot {bonus points} as each other.
c. walk 6 blocks only to find out that we are 8 blocks away from the Keller Auditorium.
in heels. and its 35 out. and we're nearly late. awesome.
d. RUN 8 blocks in heels {forgive me Beasts} and get there with 2 minutes to spare!

Step 8: enjoy the festivities/music/hilarious humor of B&B while getting many comments on our "prom dresses" and dressed up "bodyguards/boyfriends." {again, my apologies guys}

Step 9: Back to the car in elation.
Seriously, it was the BEST evening. Well worth spending a small fortune on, and dressing up for. Broadway did an amazing job on stunning the audience. Literally.
a. attempt to put our heels on over our now swollen and blistered feet.
b. no go.

Step 10: Go to the quirkiest coffee shop in P~town with a waiter who showered us with awkward and hilarious endearments {emphasis on the awkward},
also being adventurous and trooping upstairs to the bathroom labeled "not for the faint of heart," where we learned that it was indeed not for the faint of heart. :) but so worth the squeals of surprise and horror that it brought forth from the 12 giggling females.
{the guys had nerves of steel and didn't make a sound. or did they use ducttape? hmmmm...}

So in the wee hours of the morning we all said farewell to each other, went home smiling, fat and happy that we have such great friends, saw an amazing show, and made unforgettable memories. :D

The end.


  1. You all look awesome!! :) I love Keller, and have enjoyed the plays I've attended.

    Enjoyed all the photos.

    Rebeccca Wall

  2. Hehe, this was SSSOO fun! Can't wait to see what we all do next.... :-)

  3. Your description of your pre-primping routine and then your primping routine pretty much described mine as well! Reading your post, I smiled all over again at our wonderful evening!

  4. Jonah pointed out that you made a mistake in forgetting to capitalize the "i". ;-) lol.

    Your first picture of you and Titus was truly hilarious--I'm sure I've NEVER done that in a group picture! ;-)

    So fun reliving the night through the blogs!

  5. Ha! Great job Jonah! English was never my best subject, and i always thought the little "i" was alot cuter than the big one. :)

  6. Hooray! Love your summary of our awesome evening! :) The pic of you and Tai is...hehehe...great! And, um, why do you need a perfect hair machine? You and your hair look adorable in the primping pic! :D


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