Deja Vu ~ {yes, it does happen}

So many of you know about this post where I talked about my plans for the year, and my {Lord-willing}, travels to Israel and Australia.
I could be accepted onto the team, but the team often fills up so quickly that I would be put on a waiting list. I knew that was a possibility, and I readied my heart for disappointment.

Good thing I did, because ORIGINS called soon after and said that they had filled up, and I was on the waiting list.

To say the least, I was bummed.
But it was comforting to know that God had other plans for me.
A big comfort.

About a month has past since my disappointment, and all the while I have looked forward and planned for my Australia trip with my dear friend Alexandra.
But in the back of my mind I am still hopeful.

Now comes the climax of my little tale.

Last night I dreamt that I was accepted to Israel. It seemed so real that I woke up and asked myself: "Was I accepted? Oh. No, it was just a dream."

I passed the busy day normally. My sisters and their kids are in town, and so we played in the sunshine, painted nails, made donuts, and watched Goofy with the sick ones. They laughed as I shared the story of my dream, and we were talking about it when I was just finishing up my 2nd batch of donuts when the phone rang.
The rest of my memory is kinda hazy until she said the words,
" it's the Friends of Israel for you."

Get out.

With big eyes and a pounding heart I said a weak, "hello?"

10 minutes later I hung up, and was literally screaming, crying, and jumping with happiness.

I am for sure, no kidding, truthfully, freals going to Israel.

And all I could think about...was how sweet of God ~ to make my dream come true!


  1. Kaytra!!!! That is SSSOOO wonderful!! I'm so happy and excited for you!!

  2. O. My. Goodness!!!!!!!! I just about screamed with you when I read that - HOW EXCITING!!! Yay!!!! Awesome!! ok Sarah, calm down, you're not even the one going....
    Wow, our God is SO loving, isn't He? What a lovely, wonderful, amazing reminder!! Kaytch, HOW COOL!!!!!

  3. Wow! So cool!

    Isn't this a much better way than the traditional apply-get-accepted route? Way more blood, sweat, and tears, but so much more exciting--so much more certain that this IS what God wants for you right now. Yay! I'm ecstatic for you (and a teeny bit jealous =).

  4. I know, right? God's way is SO much cooler!!!

    I am still in a fog of happiness. Haven't stopped grinning since yesterday! :)

  5. Wow, Kaytra! I can't even imagine...that is just so thrilling! I am grinning right along with you! Praise the Lord!! Are ya' going to even want to go to the beach this year after all your world travels, though? (-;

  6. Oh my word! Yes! Haha I am so excited + thrilled for you! Prasie the Lord! Have a blast, girl. :)



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