in where three friends decide to have a photoshoot

Yes, it was a morning filled with drizzles of rain and pockets of sunshine...but we decided to risk it. 
We ~ Sarah Jayne, Em, and myself packed up a blanket, teacups, and numerous other things and hopped into the beast. {Dad's Chevy} 
Sarah had spotted a field some weeks ago, and knew it to be the perfect spot for our shooting location. {I love saying that. It sounds like we're going bird hunting or something...}

And say the was a great success. 

Perfect weather. Perfect setting. Just the right shade of vintage. are a few {ahem...i had alot} of my favorites. :) 

 {many of these photos go to the credit of Sarah Jayne and Em respectively ;) }

 I adore this shot. A picture of a maid in the English countryside. 

 My favorite of Em. Such a sweetie this girl. <3

 it was a little windy...hence the squinty, slightly teary eyes. :)

 This was Em's shot...and my fave of Sarah. Such a beauty! {both girl and photo} ;)

As you can see...success! We went home ~ somewhat exhausted from all the posing that took place {seriously, models must take naps every day}, but oh, so happy that we decided to do it. 
Glad I have such wonderful, adventurous friends. :)

Happy shooting ~ Kaytra


  1. Such exquisite pictures, and the lighting makes everything look so soft and wispy. Love that you brought a portable radio with you also - so fun!

    I didn't know you blogged! Very well done :) I'm loving reading it. Keep up the good work, young lady! <3

  2. I'm so glad we did this! Bunches of fun - and some great shots in the process! :-)

  3. Ya'll are so stinkin' adorable! ♥

    Em--it's a good thing you didn't have tea in the cup. ;-) Sarah--love your hair-do! Kaytra--it's not the windblown look, it's the "pensive" look. ;-)

  4. There never were three such lovely girls! What fun, and all the shots turned out amazing! I love the book and tea cute!


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