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Captive to whom? *Five Minute Musing*

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It doesn’t take much for me to begin the "death-thought" process. 
Death Thoughts: the Enemy’s plantings of a wicked line into my mind by getting my thoughts off truth. 
One moment you touch your fingers to an unusually sparkly object, the next you are trying to give it an elevated place because it makes you feel happy. One very dangerous thought after another, I am finally done battling, and I just go with the ease of agreeing with the Devil. High on sin one moment, crushed with the anguish of “God, I have failed You” the very next. The weight of failing Him is a millstone around my neck, and soon I am drowning in my own tears. It seems to be a lost battle before the fight is given a feeble chance. Battling doesn’t come naturally to any unarmored soldier. Running from it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Do you ever find yourself here?  Dropping the heavy shield of faith because your arms are weakened by doubt and hesitation at the Captain’s command? I face it da…

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