{summer nights}

I am a firm believer that sunshine is good for the soul. 

Something about it's loveliness lifts life's burdens from my shoulders, and places a permanent grin upon mine face. {and the faces of my family members}

Taking advantage of our {rather lovely} face lifts, and before they settled back into their normal wrinkly stage...we had a barbeque at Nate and Robyn's house.

And thus...this glorious sunshiny day ended as follows: 
 We made: Fiya!!

 Vancers ~ what a hunk. {no, literally he is. you should see the belly on that guy}

happy sight right there folks. 

blackened salmon {with a kick} for the grownups.  

Notice: there are bare feet sightings!! 

I told him to smile, and THIS is what i get? ;) 

Andi the climber 

"Lemme just aim at the camera K'tch..." 

I love her hair. :)

Happy sunshine to everyone! 
A grinning~ Kaytra


  1. If not bare feet, then flip flops this weekend--I tell you what, it was sublime!

    Family BBQs are the best, and yours looks like fun!

  2. We went for a walk last night and just basked in the wonderful warm evening! Sadly, I think Washington is falling back into old habits today. C'mon, sun!

  3. Yeppers! It was great - we've been able to practically live outside the last couple days!! And, btw, we had a barbecue last night too...great minds think alike! :p


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