See that date up there? Yep, its 2012. I haven't been posting because our internet chose the busiest time of the year to have an epic fail for the last week and a half. SO...this was suppose to be posted on New Years Eve, but alas, tis later.

I wanted to talk about what God brought me through this past summer of 2011. Many things happened, but on the top of my list is Romania. Have I told you about Romania? It’s a beautiful country, filled with people who have nothing but the clothes on their back and the green hills full of one room shacks that are filled with more catholic relics than people. But within many of those homes are people who have hope, and an amazing faith in God. I had the privilege to be beside those people for three wonderful weeks.

My favorite town :

God did a work withing me before, during, and after that trip. It was all Him, because I was scared stiff. I did not want to go at first, but I had such a strong desire to honor God and transform my fears into joy. And He did just that.

He gave me a friend! My dear sweet Lizzy. :D

Beautiful isn't it?

This we dubbed the "Tangled Castle."

I also doubted my abilities for teaching, making friends, telling my testimony for the first time, and being a Godly influence. God listened to all my fears, worked through them, and eventually took them away. He alone gave me the confidence and blessed assurance that I needed to go to Romania.

:: He is the confidence of my youth ::

:: I will lead you in the way that you should go. I will counsel you with My eye upon you. I will give you peace ::

God gave me a song on that trip that will forever be with me. It’s called Christ Alone.

In Christ Alone will I glory,

Through I could pride myself in battles won.

For I’ve been blessed beyond measure,

And by His strength alone I overcome.

Oh, I could stop and count successes

Like diamonds in my hands.

But those trophies could not equal

To the grace by which I stand

In Christ Alone I place my trust,

And found my glory in the power of the cross.

In every victory let it be said or me,

My source of strength, my source of hope:

Is Christ alone.

In Christ Alone will I glory,

For only by His grace I am redeemed.

And only His tender mercy

Could reach beyond my weakness to my need.

And now I seek no greater honor than just to know Him more.

And to count my gains but loses to the glory my Lord.

In every victory let it be said of me:

My source of strength, my source of hope:

Is Christ Alone.

He was my source of strength and hope this year, and will be in 2012.

Happy New Years everyone.



  1. Aww! So sweet. :) I loved this post!

    -lucia <3


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