Fits and Giggles...and a bit of news.

Well, here i sit, in Snohomish Washington at my sisters house.
It has been a rough week pretty much all round.
Nils {brother in law} was admitted into the hospital last Saturday morning unable to fully feel his hands and feet. A few tests later...they came to the conclusion that he has what is called Guillian Barre Syndrome.
Mum and I packed our bags first thing and scurried on up here to take care of my four nieces and three nephews while their Mummy runs to and fro between hospital and home. There have been many good talks, lots of tears, and a beautiful view of the blessings that God has brought through this. {and there is still more to come. i know this.}
Cori's church family is wonderful, supplying the garage with loads of groceries that will set us through to February at least!

So this week's Fits and Giggles!

~Croupy coughs
~Banana bread that collapsed and was promptly named Mt. Collapser
~Spilling juice on the carpet {yes it was me, and not the 11 kids surrounding me. yeah. wow.}
~Taking down Christmas decor - seriously??? It's over??? :/

~Adriane came downstairs in a dress up dress and exclaimed: "Oh...i am soooo beautiful." Stian her little brother walks right up beside her and says to me: "I aaam eeeeoooteeefullll!!!"
~Watching the kids take their turn and "ride" Daddy's hospital bed with glee.

~ These two videos were the hits of the week. I personally think the first one is the best!
{sorry for some reason it won't let me post them as a here are the links.}

Thank you for all the prayers. They have caused us to be full of hope and full of thanksgiving.

God is good all the time ~ Kaytra


  1. Wow, sounds crazy! I'm glad you and your mom are there - must be great for moral support! We're praying for ya'll! :-)

  2. Actually its just me now. Mum went home a few days ago. :) So it seems extra crazy! :)


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