{A Homecoming}

Nils moved to rehab this week.
His PT was a total optimist on his path to recovery, and even gave him a date to go home. This coming Thursday.

The kids were ecstatic.
Daddy would be home with them, and not in a strange "hotel" where they kept him captive until he was better. So we planned. We had a whole slew of ideas for Daddy when he came home.
Chocolate cake.
Signs everywhere, but especially a big one saying "WELCOME HOME DADDY!!!"
The girls were planning a breakfast in bed.
The boys wanted to talk football.

But we had time. Three whole days.

Or so we thought.

Little did they know that Grandpa and Mommy had picked up Daddy early, and were bringing him home. I herded them all into the back room and told them that Mommy had bought them a present and wanted to surprise them.

Ha. They were totally clueless.

"Daddy was just a really big present!!" ~Adriane

We are all glad to have him home.

And to God be the glory. Great things He hath done indeed!!


  1. Oh, that is sssoo sweet!! Praise God for the wonderful news - that's awesome!

  2. Glad to hear it. We will be praying for you guys!

  3. Amen and amen and hooray!!! :) That is soo awesome - God is so good!!!! :D

  4. We've been praying and our church has been praying...and I am elated and praising God for this fantastic improvement!


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