Scotland in all her glory

A little late, but still fresh on my mind: Scotland.

Beginning in Glasgow, we made our way by bus and ferry to the Port of Uig, where the Morrisons met us in person for the first time, and we stayed for the most wonderful five (very short) days with them, then travelled south to Inverness, Edinburgh, then finally Glasgow again, where we flew home.

Our first glimpse of the highlands!!


We got to meet Kirsteen!!! And Allie. :)

Cheers -- Kaytra


  1. So happy you got these pics up! And hey...I haven't even begun my posts, so you're not too late! (or...I'm just worse off than you, so you're purty good by comparison...or...something like that :).
    Scotland will forever hold such wonderful memories...

  2. Oh, such good pictures! I'm enthralled by the color of the water, the sunshine streaming through the little hut, and the picture 33 from the end, I think--the black and white of the bikes and the city. I want that on a postcard! They're all lovely, every single shot--wonderful evidences of your lovely trip!

  3. Oh so beautiful! I love Calum clutching the back of the car seat--that is precious! And I agree with Mikaela-the way you captured the sunlight in the hut is breathtaking! Are you homesick for Scotland after going through all these?

  4. Wow! When I saw Sarah sitting in the passenger seat w/ Kirsteen, I was wondering why in the world she was driving. :) Great pics!


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