rain, sisters, and horses.

this is Nacho. i met him at the mother/daughter retreat. his Mum couldn't come, and neither could mine. so we decided to be friends.

i love these girls very much. they are all three so different and unique, and i love being their aunt. its the best job evah.

Annie and SoSo are "officially big girls." and i think they are awesome.

One of T's faces.

The retreat was horse themed. {love}

The rain greeted us. We told it to go away.

These two ladies to the left are seriously the best people i know. They work hard to teach their kids, cook for their families, clean up messes, and are living a life of self-denial. They are what the Bible calls "virtuous women," and i want to be just like them someday. We had the best time together, and i hope we can do it again soon. 


  1. Love it! I also love your perspective as the youngest in your family--gives me insight for where my younger siblings are at and where they will be in ten years. =)

  2. Love the shot you got of the horse! Animals can be so hard to capture. :)

  3. I can imagine that you are the coolest aunt ever, too! (-; It looks like you had an incredibly sweet time with sisters and nieces and horses!


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