Its midnight, so you will excuse my brain for being unable to think of a title. I am sitting here drinking my favorite type of tea in my second favorite mug. I've been home alone alot this week. Parents visiting Grandparents, brother working, and me doing school and....piddling. I said goodbye to one of my best friends for 5+ months, and have been constantly skypeing other dear people who live too far away. But really what has occupied me the past month is free time. And more often than not ~ free time can be a dangerous thing.
But i am bent on using it for my own good.
So, i have taken up a few hobbies, and have decided to strengthen my "quiet time" into something more meaningful than the sparse 20 minutes of flipping through the Psalms when i "don't have the time." I am memorizing 1 Peter. Yes, you are my witnesses.
I am also writing letters. I love writing letters. Even if you have absolutely nothing to say, someone will love you for sending it. Emails are so overrated. But helpfully overrated. 
I have occasional obsessions with baking, and love pinterest all the more for it. Fall is here, and the smells of the season are intoxicating and delicious. Nothing beats fresh pressed cider and pear marmalade on fresh bread. 
I have also thought alot about my Grandma Jenny, who is in the scariest position a person could be in ~ dying without hope in Jesus. And that scares me too. I love that dear, bitter, selfish, hardened farmers wife, and i want to see her in heaven ~ but how minuscule my love for her is, compared to God's love for her. If only she could see it. I found this hymn that was so simple and true, so clear...i wished i could read it to her. 

Have you any room for Jesus, He who bore you load of sin?
As He knocks and asks admission, Sinner, will you let Him in?

Room for Jesus, King of glory! Hasten now, His word obey;
Swing your heart's door widely open, bid Him enter while you may.

Room for pleasure, room for business, But for Christ the crucified, 
Not a place that He can enter in the heart for which He died?

Room and time now give to Jesus, soon will pass God's day of grace;
Soon your heart left cold and silent, and your Savior's pleading cease.

Room for Jesus, King of glory! Hasten now, his Word obey; Swing your heart's door widely open, bid Him enter while you may.
{Daniel W. Whittle, 1840-1901}

I guess the proper title for this would be "Piddlings." 
Just me, my thoughts, and lots of prayer.


  1. Glad to hear someone else has "first" and "second" favorite mugs. ;)

  2. Hmmm...lovin' all your thoughts, dear. :) That hymn is beautiful ~ where did you find it? Praying for your Grandma... <3

  3. That's wonderful that you're memorizing I Peter--I'll be a witness for you! Thanks for sharing how you are redeeming the time--that's such an important skill that I'm constantly working on. I'm praying that your Grandma will come to the Lord!


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