reminiscing over memories held dear

{i wrote this in the airport on the day i flew home}

Here i sit, having missed my flight home, not making standby, and had two emotional breakdowns today {in front of 50 gawking onlookers standing at customer service}. I decided to get some much needed comfort food, so, as i speak, i am eating three Big Macs, half a bag of dried mangos, and an entire chocolate bar that i should NOT be having. But i needed it ~ because today i said goodbye to my precious Wow Moo family, and i don't know when i shall see them all again. 
So part of me is extremely sad, while the other part of me is rejoicing {for example, my face has been graced with an enormous grin, and i let out with an occasional burst of giggles} because there were so many memories made, and my heart is full of all the things that God has worked in and thru our team while we were in Israel.

Singing on the bus, dancing on the Sea of Galilee, watching "Support Your Local Sheriff," playing Uno Hearts, breaking up fights with Shteeve and Greg, laughing til' we cried, snorted, and then collapsed in a heap of sore abs. 
Sharing time at the end of the day was awesome, because it revealed what God had done in the different parts of the hospital, and those who we came in contact with. So many stories of God's supernatural intervention through words, smiles, and happy diligent workers. 

He blew our socks off.

But when it comes to what i will miss the most, it will be the people God brought into my life. 
Friendships forged by God and for Him are priceless, and i know that only God can get the glory when He brought 16 strangers together in order that they might live for and to and through Yeshua ~ by faith. {Gal.2:20, Jer.31.7}

 Jen, RJ, Rachael, and Erica at the "getting to know each other" stage.

 The whole group at the Mediterranean!

 The alleyways of Jaffa {joppa}

 One of the many amazing flowers i saw

 Sunset on the Mediterranean

 Shabbat dinner with some wonderful Kahila people


 Chris, Nachman, RJ and I on our last day at Kaplan

Childrens Hospital at Kaplan.

More photos to come later! {i gotta sort through the 1798 of them. not.easy.} :)


  1. Looks like some great memories, Ktch!! Can't wait to see more pictures and hear all your stories! :-)

  2. I'm glad you had an amazing time! Can't wait to see and hear more about it! :)


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