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At some point in my life i will get caught up with blogging. :) My life has been swamped with preparation for Australia, and trying not to dwell on the fact that Israel is over, and my Wow Moo family is not here with me. 

But I am so excited about Australia. So. Excited. Nervous even. First time in my life {perhaps the only time} where I am traveling to another country with no leader, no ministry planned, no meals prepared, and a schedule of my own. All of this with the craziest, most wonderful friend who is thinking the exact same thing I am. 


So as i stuff my 50 pound purple monster of a suitcase, debating on whether to bring four or five sweaters to Australia's winter weather, i am so grateful for God's goodness as i travel. Really, He is SO good. He answered all of my prayers concerning Israel:
1. my knee didn't hurt one bit on the trip.
2. i pigged out at every meal because the food was so amazing and HEALTHY!
3. there was not one iota of a problem between team members. 
4. no drama whatsoever.
5. we all came away loving God, His Son, and His people more than when we started.

So once again, without fail, my wonderful, precious Heavenly Father blew my socks off. 

And now i truly believe i am going to witness another sock blowing again. I know for sure, without a doubt that He wants me to go to Australia. That fact alone holds so much promise and anticipation for me. Because He is always full of the most wonderful surprises. :)

So here are some more photos from after our two weeks volunteering at Kaplan.
 part of our schmancy dinner that the hospital treated us too. :)

Bryce, Matt, Jen, and Danielle 
 Danielle and I ~ so much fun with this girl.


 Luba, Daniella and Elena

the guys

with our amazing hosts 


the aquaduct on the Mediterranean 

our home for the last 10 days

Caesarea Maritime

the steps that Paul {most probably} walked down to go into the boat that would take the gospel to the rest of the world! 

Bruce and Chris ~ living the life ;)

Mt. Carmel


Nazareth ~ Yeshua grew up here!

threshing floor

wine dance

Mt. Arbel

Gamla Synagogue 

Ein Gev

some prickly beautiful thing

Tel Dan ~ "as  the deer"

Sea of Galilee

Baptism at the Jordan ~ Gaby Rachael

the Dead Sea ~ it still works

Sh'eat An {or however you spell it}



Corrie ten Booms tree in the Lane of the Righteous Gentiles

Garden of Gesthemane

Temple Mount 

Steps that {probably} my Savior walked


Garden Tomb

Our final sunset

So there you have, in a nutshell, my trip to Eretz Israel. 

Now, on to kangaroos, koala bears, and amazing accents. :)

~ K'tch


  1. I'm not jealous...I'm not jealous...OK, I'm jealous! (-; But also very glad to discover the Dead Sea still works, and thrilled beyond belief that you got such an amazing opportunity! Going to Israel is definitely on my bucket list!


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