{snowflakes and birthdays}

How to make the best lookin' snowflakes that did NOT fall from the sky. :)
Not sure what i would do if a snowflake a foot in circumference fell from the sky. But i have a pretty good idea that i would say something like: "THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!"

Step 1: {Toast the poptart....go ahead toast it...} Just kids. :p If you haven't seen that...you need to. It's called Poptart. Btw, this is kid approved. :)

Okay that was a nice break...okay, back to reality people. We got some beautiful snowflakes to make. :)

I used stiff scrapbook paper. Don't use flimsy paper because you seriously do not want a flimsy snowflake. Not. Pretty. Only use this size if you want a ginormous one. Serious, this thing is a monster. I hope i don't have every follower screaming about the sky falling by the time the are done making these. ;)
So you make a triangle:

Then you follow the directions on this link...here
{am i great at instructions or what?}
But it might be handy if...

You find a couple cute helpers along the way. :)

And you also might want to find a window that you like...because these babies will make you LOVE that window. Tada! Finished product.

Another event that was simply the cutest thing in town was my own sweetie of a nephew.
In celebration of his 2nd birthday Stian became the proud owner of 7 trucks and a trailer while surrounded by his adoring siblings, not to mention a pair proud parents, a few aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins.

This kid is going to be famous because of his smile alone. :)

Happy Christmas Break everyone! <3 Kaytra


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