As long as we both shall live...

The tall brunette stood happily beside her father as they had one last moment before she took that life changing walk down the aisle. Her handmade dress arranged itself perfectly on her graceful figure. Everything was in place...her groom was waiting.

It seemed like years ago when she walked by Tim Copper - a new Christian - dressed in those unforgettable white shorts and tank top that he still remembers to this day. He had never noticed her before, having grown up neighbors, only one classroom away during high school. But Tim had become a Christian, and his eyes were opened to the beauty, both inside and out, of the girl that God chose for him.

Two completely different people, from separate planets it seemed, brought together by their mutual love and devotion to their Savior.

Mary Beth took one final happy sigh as the doors opened and took her first step toward married life.

Do they look in love or what?

And 40 years ago from this day she is still married to the man of her dreams.

They haven't aged a bit! ;)

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


  1. Very fun! What a special day! What a good-lookin' couple!

  2. oH MY GOSH...HOW VERY SWEET!!!! Kaytra this wedding pic really does show how much you look like your Mama!! True Love and lives dedicated to God our Heavenly Father, from those roots the blessings have branched out and multiplied and so many more lives have been touched by The Coppers; mine is one of them and I am filled with gratitude. Thank You...XOXO

  3. Awww I totally <3 the picture of your parents at their wedding - sooo sweet! :)
    Also, your new blog design is awesomeness! :p


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