Leavenworth Advntures #1

Last week we went to Leavenworth for my Sweet ::T's tenth birthday celebration. It's a tradition in our family, which i think is the awesomest thing EVAH!! Especially since i am not married and don't plan on being any time soon, and can go along!

Lemme tell ya about this little sweetie right here.

This little punk'in is a very sensitive, gentle hearted and is quick as a whip in whatever she does. She gave her life to the Lord a couple years ago and made the decision to live for Him. She is the second of seven kids to my amazing sister Cori. Her older sister skills do her credit, and she is a little mother~hen to all those little cupcakes. She's not afraid to take on a challenge but does it in her own sweet, quiet way. I love this girl, and am SO proud to be her Aunt K'tch. :)

This was taken in downtown when we went shopping the first day.

The beginning of our trip began in Seattle with a very full mini-van..

The troop, excited to begin our adventure!!


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