Leavenworth Adventures #2

So back to our adventures in Leavenworth!
This is us! We had so much fun playing games in the car.

The water looked freezing, and i couldn't help but admire the people swimming and rafting.

The mountains and hills were just perfect.

We got out our map of the town and looked for shops to go in. Ahem, that is, shops that we have NOT gone in yet. :)
We found the hat shop. They even sold different faces. :D

We then went to tea at the Wedding Haus! It is the cutest little victorian cottage that serves high tea. While we were there we thought we might as well dress up and take some photos. Triana saved for months and bought her own digital point-and-shoot. She was quite the photographer, and took some excellent photos.

Beautiful day in the Olympic Mountains.

For our last big escapade on the trip, we decided to tackle the large and pro-golf-looking mini golf course. {Seriously, that thing was a monster!} Triana got two holes in one!! :D

My, it was a beautiful sight to see the sunshine that last day. Leaving our hefty umbrellas in the car was wonderful! So we played our final game of golf, smiled for the camera, and went on our way back home. Triana had "an amazing trip" and "one that she will never forget." I am so blessed to have that little munchkin as my niece. What a treasure she is. :D Memories are rampant in Leavenworth, Wa. For it is the place where we named our house, went for many hikes and explored unknown rock piles {true story}, and where we spent Triana's one and only 10th birthday. It was a great week. :D
And that's the end...there isn't anymore.


  1. Awww, such fun! Love all the pix in both this post and the last. It looks like such a lovely, wonderful place! I need to come up with an excuse to go! :D
    And of course, I think your niece is a beautiful deary!!

  2. Oh, such a lovely young lady!! What a special trip - loved all the pictures!

  3. If I'm not mistaken, that golf course is the one and only game of golf I have ever played! So I am quite thrilled to hear your high recommendation of it!


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