Would I?

Would I hold back
my purpose, my All -
His gift of love
that called me out?
To slip aside - unnoticed?

Would I give away
allotted time,
to boast pursuits
of filth and famine?
To act as friend - to evil?

Would I be comfortable
Where lies are taken,
Truth avoided,
foolishness uplifted?
To unfaithfulness shrink - being silent?

Would I sit still,
His Name be maimed,
loose mouths releasing
unlovely laughter?
To smile along - approving?

I know what I am to be.

Would I be His - 
teachable in Spirit,
withholding not His beauty.
Approachable and holy?
For whom do we stand each time?
O Courage, I need Thee!
O Boldness take flight!
Would uselessness in me
be slain, my Lord!
To rise - to be wholly Yours in this fight.


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