Two months from today...

Two months from today i plan on forcing myself to take at least 5 items of clothing out of my medium-sized suitcase.
Two months from today is going to come fast.
Two months from now i plan to to across the Glen Jackson bridge with my passport.
Two months from now i plan on freaking out and making my parents wonder if they have a daughter or a shrieking owl in the backseat.
Two months from now i plan on meeting up with two redheads at the PDX airport around 2pm.
Two months from my my Mum will be crying and saying "
Two months from now i will begin 6 weeks of seeing all these places because of God's clear direction and provision. And i will not be complaining. ;)
Leer, Germany
Geneva, Switzerland

Outer Hebrides, Scotland


Read Sarah's story  here of how we all got this amazing opportunity. :)
God is SO good, isn't He?

Happy Thursday ~ K'tch


  1. I am completely and absolutely can you take me with you (I might fit inside your suitcase)? haha ;D


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