Bright Lights, how-to-catch-a-man-cake, and charades

Yes, it has been a while. Life is busy with school, multiple responsibilities, many blessings including a part-time job and a couple trips that I will be announcing later. :)

One of the happy, wonderful desires that God has placed on my heart came into reality this year. I started my very first girls group on January 7th!! My good friend Gretchen and I are co-leading it, and loving every minute of it! We are using this curriculum, which has been very good for both student and teacher. :) Talk about accountability and encouragement! 

After our study, we have some free time to plan/craft/bake/decorate/host/burnourselveswithglueguns/eatcake/drinktea for a Valentines Evening for the couples of our church! All of the girls worked very hard on each detail, and it was so much fun to see it all come together!!

Reagan and Grace taste-testing and laying out creamcheese mints.

Always have options for those "special" people. Like me. ;)

I fell in love with burlap while making table runners with lace. 

Half our group was able to come. We missed those who were home being sick!
{Gretchen, Grace, Me, Karen, Rachel, Reagan}

heart lanterns

they played Charades! 

i like this picture of Dad and Mum. :)

my favorite. He had to act out "shaving the legs." i died from a giggle fit. you had to be there.

Oma Kolberg

Opa Kolberg


Cutting up the "how-to-catch-a-man-cake." We quickly renamed it "how-to-keep-your-wife-cake!"

Our awesome Mr. J did the fruit trays for our chocolate fountain!

writing a poem for the games


our dishwashers.

It was a successful evening thanks to our MC, our cooks, dishwashers, camera lady, babysitters, and the Coders for their use of their house.
I think we made a tradition, which made me happy because...i love traditions. Especially when they involve leftover cake! 



  1. This was such a fun night! You girls did an excellent job with all the planning, decorating, and serving! :-)

  2. What a great idea! It looks like it turned out beautimously!

  3. It was a fantastic night. Everything was absolutely perfect. I especially liked the candle lit driveway that put us in a festive mood before we even opened car doors. We have the most INCREDIBLE YOUNG ADULTS at our church. We also have some pretty AWESOME YOUNG MARRIEDS who have encouraged many to pursue courtship


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