a night of fun and...ahem...fashion.

This week starts classes for many people, including most of my friends. This was a good excuse for a White Elephant/Costume Party at my house!!
It was load of fun, beginning and ending with laughter. I think its safe to say that this group of people are the best of friends, and all kindred spirits.
The Trader Joes worker (Mike), and the Portland runner who likes her prints.

First prize went to Rachel C. (Fancy Nancy)
Second prize went to Little Drummer-I mean Little German Boy
Third Prize went to Grace C (Miss 11 Hair Clips)
Good show everyone! We must do it again soon!!!


  1. Hehehe - such fun! Luved the night, and all the people it was spent with! :)

  2. Aww, so much fun! Crazy, good group of people!

  3. I love those incriminating pictures! (-;

  4. I laughed really hard when I noticed what Jesse was wearing. lol tooooooo funny


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