my happy 12.12.12 list

Today's activities and accomplishments:
Get a tree. A REAL tree that actually has pine needles on them. or maybe noble needles...
Eat 12 chocolates.
Change my socks 12 times.
sing the 12 days of Christmas
Sweep/vacuum 12 floors
Put up 12+15 stockings above our fireplace.
Read 12 chapters of Narnia.
Send 12 encouraging texts.
Take a 12 minute nap.
And maybe 12 other things....
Happy 12.12.12!!


  1. oooh... you're inspiring me! I'm off to make a list of 12s! :)

  2. How fun! I think I can accomplish the 12 chocolate part!

  3. Very fun! I love the 12 min. nap idea!


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