Treasures Found

Home until further notice. It's been a crazy wonderful summer, and i will be sorry to see it go, but so happy that it actually happened. 
I am such a privileged girl. I am so blessed to have had these opportunities to explore God's amazing creation, meet people i can say had a Godly influence on me, and to witness God working through me and in me.

 It was a summer of growth and discovery. One that continually revealed my strengths and my weaknesses.

Through it all, there are few words that can sum it up. But i will try:

He is my Jesus. I can feel it. I know it. I love Him.


  1. I am so happy that it was such a wonderful time for you, Kaytra! Now the hard question: which was better, the land down under or the Holy Land?

  2. Must i choose? ;) Okay then.....both. :D


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