farewell wisdom, hello humility

Yes, those are teeth. Not dinosaur bones. My mouth has considerable room now, because those babies are gigantic!! The event of my surgery has brought me all kinds of compliments: "I have NEVER seen such large teeth on a 19 year old." (thank you, that makes me feel really happy sir) "Your cheeks are HUGE!!" (hence the nickname Chippy that my family has so lovingly bestowed upon me) *The dentist pulls out my stitches, along with a piece of my lunch and says, "Hmm...LOVELY eating habits my patients have." (poor guy, i wonder how many meals he pulls out of a person's mouth each week. uuughhh)
The top picture is a photo of my breakfast, lunch, and dinner that i ate for the first week. Babyfood in easier terms. No wonder they cry, i wanted to too!
This has been a week of learning to be patient, and giving up my personal right to eat whatever I want. My Mum and I have made a commitment for two years to follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. SCD. This diet eliminates all sugar, starches, grains, dairy, and anything artificial. My mind is bursting with the desire to open a bag of chips and eat a whole carton of cream cheese. But God has given me a wonderful Mummy who is doing this right along side me, and has an amazing ability to make disgusting-sounding foods into something delectable and delicious. <3 She is amazing. God is continually humbling me each day as I look inside the fridge with longing. "It's just food," He says to me, "I am your portion and your sustainer."
A long time ago i gave my desire to eat good food to the Lord, and He is using it for His purposes. I am so happy that this is teaching me so much! We cannot rely on sleep or food or clothes or kleenex or ANYTHING but our Savior.
Because "The Lord is our portion." ~Ps.19:57


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