This past week was somewhat of a challenge. I had the opportunity to stand alone, and PTL I didn't cave.
It's one thing to stand alone in a group of non-Christians. It's another to stand alone in the midst of Christians who do not share your views, and you know their views are not Biblical. Having my spiritual gift of prophecy, the people i struggle with most are the compromised, i-know-best kind of Christians. I judge them without much mercy, whether in my words or simply in my facial expressions. I put people in a box. Got tattoos and piercings? You go in box A. Got lotsa money and rich friends? That one over there. Do you show partiality, and forget us little people? I got a nice big box just for you. Even myself is in a box, and each of you are too. ;) (i love you, i really do...:p )
Well, i was told this week that what i was doing was wrong. I was judging people, and i needed to stop. Putting people in boxes should NOT happen! Or should it? I remember thinking, "what does the Scripture say? Is it wrong to separate myself from people who could compromise MY beliefs? There ARE moral absolutes here fellas." {but confusion set in, and i could not think of those vital Scriptures. blast.} So i came home feeling confused and discouraged that i had been a terrible person, haplessly judging poor innocent souls. I came to my Dad {my pastor} and explained what i had done, and asked what the proper response to a compromised Christian should be.
Dad confirmed what i had been thinking. God is the only Law Giver and Judge. However, the Bible (God's written Word) doesn't tell us to ignore one's sin. We are to defend Scripture, encourage Godliness, and confront sin and error.
{Preach the Word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction.}~2 Tim.4:2

We cannot ignore a Christian who is openly doing what is wrong. It is our job to do something! Paul judges the people who were being immoral in the church at Corinth, and justly so. {1 Cor. 5}Please don't think i am encouraging people to go out and find a compromised Christian to judge. (Although i am tempted sometimes.) But this is something to strive for: do i always encourage Godliness? Do i confront wrongs and encourage rights?
There are many different types of people in different boxes. We are told to stay away from certain types, but to share God's truth with all. Be ready in season and out of season. Always ready to act with what the Scripture says. :)
Yours Truly ~ A impatient, judgmental, often enough a compromise Christian herself, me.


  1. Ugh, Kaytch, this really is such a struggle! To love - and not condemn - compromise, without letting yourself feel it is acceptable for you to compromise. *sigh* So goes the war.
    <3 ya!


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